Lair Developer: Mags will go out of business if they diss Wii

Let's say the Wii takes over the world. Just naturally, the traditional magazines -- if they stick to their current position of slightly dissing it -- will simply go out of business," said Julian Eggebrecht, presdient of Factor 5's who is most recently responsible for the release of Lair on PS3.

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MK_Red3951d ago

I respect Eggebrecht and his great games but I've got to disagree with him. Casuals that buy Wii are not into buying game mags so if they totally dich Wii, it relly wouldn't hurt them. Just look at internet sites and GameInformer, their biggest and exclusive news are 100% non-Wii. PS3 and 360 games are always center of their attention and they are doing rather good.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3951d ago

With all the FUBAR stuff happening about magazines I'm begining to ignore them.

iceman20003951d ago

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beans3951d ago

When the Iceman speaks we listen lol?

ldysabella3951d ago

I tried to find a translation for your comment. The nearest I could come up with was Norske/Norwegian It's too bad because I'd like to understand your opinion.

schabeugen043951d ago

Say what you want but these magazines do need to stop dissing, the console. I mean god look how bad they did the ps3 when it came out it was just rediculous. They said it didnt have any games, but if your honest with yourself the ps3 and 360 launches were pretty much the same. Also the alwayz say the ps3 is more expensive, yet i have never seen any of these magazine do a breakdown of the components/value comparison of the 360 vs ps3. I mean why only give gamers half of the story? Its like they were trying to help microsoft as much as they can Its like they forgot about all the bad stuff 360 did like the terrible ports of thaw and gun that looked like xbox1 games. etc... but i believe this has already hurt most of these companies people that were pro sony and their fanboys have pretty much stopped reading the gaming magazines. you see zif davis is going under gamepro's mag is prolly next

socomnick3951d ago

They should diss consoles if one company is not performing like it should then they should get dissed.

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