Microsoft: We're in a better position than our rivals

As the run-up to Christmas slowly shifts up into a higher gear, you can guarantee that the gaming industry's big boys will start throwing verbal punches at one another in unashamedly self-gratifying statements.

Microsoft's latest slur concerns the Xbox 360 price cut. The firm's UK marketing manager, Dan Cornelius has said that the recently discounted price will attract consumers in the market for a console away from Sony's PlayStation 3.

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Rattles4077d ago

you sure are you got 12 million defective consoles in peoples homes thats a real good position to be in.

ALI-G4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

although PS3 had price cut + NGS(july system seller)+ 360 had problem with the warrenty coast them $1b +customer were adviced not to buy 360 in american popular tv show = xbox360 outsold ps3 or if want ps3 fanboy to call it "PS3 ALMOST MATCHED THE SALE OF 360 IN JULY"

what will happened from now : falcon coming(no more problems) + games you can play this year + games that can run properly + IPTV + price cut + HALO3/MASSEFFECT/PGR4/BIOSHOCK /LOSTODDESY/ACECOMBAT....

(nogame-station 3)

4077d ago
stonedog4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

So now M$ has by your reckoning an approximate install base of 70 million consoles.

The fact is that M$ has a better install base a lower price and more games. Translation higher sales. The Wii has innovation and the best price point. Translation the console is selling like hot cakes. PS3 has a high price with some potentially great games next year. Translation for the vast majority of consumers (i.e. not Sony fan boys) no compelling reason to buy the PS3.

For Sony price and a large game library equal compelling reasons to purchase a PS2. Translation not good for PS3 sales.

Competition is good and Sony needs to compete on price and games; I hope that they step up to the challenge and that M$ meets them head on b/c that is what is best for me as the consumer!!!!!

BloodySinner4077d ago

And don't forget the 3 year warranty on each of those 12 million sold.

tatotiburon4077d ago

yes and a sony got 5 millions consoles on peoples house wich believes that they were buying a game console and not just a BR player...guess what? your all got screw up, a nice looking BR player WITH NO GAMES!!

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Bloodmask4077d ago

really is in a better position. They have the PS3 beat on the lower price point and also a larger games catalogue. The entry price for purchasing a 360 isn't much more than a Nintendo Wii. Not to mention Sony did not cut the price of PS3 in Europe at all. They only offered a more expensive starter package.

Microsoft will always have a larger games catalogue just from being out a year early. And will most likely always be cheaper than PS3 the entire generation bc Sony can't match them bc Sony started out too high.

mikeslemonade4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

You're stating the benefits for the consumer. Yea, the consumer is getting a lot I agree, but Microsoft is not in good shape because they still have yet to make money and if that continues they really have no incentive to continue. Microsoft has said it themselves that they won't make money until 2-3 years from now from a previous article.

And Wii is in best situation right now because that system sells itself and is making money from each system sold. And the demand for Wii will not be met until next spring at the earliest.

Bathyj4077d ago

You dont take into account that while one company continues loosing money on their games division and another actually cuts they cost are makes money (PS2 and PSP sell heaps), whose to say what price cuts Sony might offer in the next year.

Also the huge games library might now be that big a deal if the 5 games you really want aren't included in them. When you buy a console you only get a game or two, maybe 5 with it. If you want to play HS, R&C MGS FF etc, ti doesn't matter that Xbox has 100 games.

Just pointing that out.

WilliamRLBaker4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

thats funny bathy, so what your point out, Is that a huge game library on the 360 isn't a big deal if the 5 big games you want *all of which the games you named are ps3* is a deterent?

So you mean Because 5 games that we're never on the 360, never were gonna be, is a problem? yet games not going to ps3, that are 360 exclusive is purposely fine?

Cause thats totally what im reading.

P.S: i all so like your logic that 100 games, with 4 being AAA, and something like 20-30 being AA, is not just as good as 5 aa-AAA what kind of logic.

Bombomb4077d ago

How can you automatically say xbox's gaming library doesn't matter, becasue all the games coming out or at least 5 of them on the Ps3 are al wanted games that will push fans to buy the console...

Some of these games are still un-proven for one.

The 360 has a nice library of games and as-well some high profile games that have been proven. you can count in bioshock now, and we know halo and madden which just came out and is selling well, but gamers want a selection of games not 1 out of 5 they might like.

Plus with a cheaper priced box, a gamer might be able to get more than one game, since some of the older games might be cheaper in the bigger library..

you PS3 sheeps are a joke...

Bathyj4077d ago

You 2 are both misunderstanding wqhat I'm saying.

I didn't say xboxes library doesn't matter.

The only point I was making is if the games you want are PS3 exclusives then you wouldn't care about 100 games you dont want on another machine. The huge library you dont want, therefore isnt as import as the handful of games you want.

The reverse is true too of course. I can name 15 good games coming to PS3, but if you want Halo, bioshock, mass effect, PGR then of course you would go for Xbox. I dont dispute that.

It your effect to prove me a fanboy you're misreading what I've said.

And whats the point of getting insulting Bombomb ?

360Crusader4077d ago

Why even mention MS isn't making any money? And what about Sony their not making any money either. What was it like $200 they lose on every console. You know that fancy Blu Ray player really made it an expensive console. So dont bother to try and throw stones about making money.
B/c Sony aint making nothing either.

reaperxciv4076d ago

Assured AAA titles in Bioshock for August and HALO3 for September to say the least...

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StrboyM4077d ago

2nd place was behind 1st place...and 1.3 billion in the hole was bad.



wii - 1st place next gen console
ds - sells like jesus made it
and no signs of slowing down


ps3 - sales and games increasing monthly
ps2 - highest selling console evar ....and still selling (more than the 360 i might add)
psp - sales are doing very very well across all regions

hmmmm better position? how?

TheMART4077d ago

So wait a second... The PS3 sold one month out of the 12 of 2007 a bit better then the 360. Actually they sold about 400k, as much as the 360 sold in april/may/june world wide, when the 360 sold DOUBLE as much as the PS3 (at 200k).

First six months every month the 360 outsold the PS3 and the coming 5 months the 360 will outsell the PS3 again.

The Wii? That's a league of its own. Its selling to fat housewifes and kids to do jumping stuff and Wiifit. Its cheap, thats why it sells. On short term at least. Long term is another story.

razer4077d ago

software attach rates and peripheral purchases.. That's where the real money is made.. Yes, people buy a Wii but they aren't buying much software for it..

StrboyM4076d ago

the mass graves of 360's and the lawsuit M$ is facing

other than that the things i listed above still place (nintendo especially) and (sony as a whole) in better positions than the 360

your talking about games sold and atach rates...ps2 psp and ps3 attach rates all go to sony...while the ps3 may be the bottom line of sonys consoles...they are making money off thier 2 other systems. M$ hasent seen a dime of profit EVER!!

Rattles4077d ago

microsoft will always have larger games catalogue thats a joke right???

cloud3604077d ago

yeh his joking o right. if soy also removed the blu-ray and made it cheaper. it will sell like hotcakes.

4077d ago
WilliamRLBaker4077d ago

if the 360 keeps release games in the ammount it does, then it will ALL WAYS have a bigger library then the ps3.

its simple math gives a bad name to rats.

If I go into a city and open up a store that creates lil wooden toys, and after a year I have 100 unique wooden toys, and another story opens up.

If I continuely make new types of toys at the same rate, and the new story does as 5 years... I WILL STILL have a bigger amount of unique toys....

Fux4Bux4077d ago

Yeah they're in a better position for America maybe. But 360 at this point is just doomed to a distant 3rd place unless they release a completely redesigned reliable system for $149.

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