Sega: 'We've made too many Sonic games'

ONM: Sega’s Alan Pritchard has admitted that the company has been guilty of releasing too many Sonic games within a short timeframe.

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vhero2747d ago

Meh how can you make too many of something?? I think Nintendo and MS both proved this hell even Activision with games like Mario, COD and Halo. There just complaining as the latest games have been lacklustre at best.

kesvalk2747d ago

you didn't even read the sinopisis right?

they are saying that they made too much games on a short time frame, and they are right, you see a big mario title every 2 years, zelda too...

and yet you see 3~4 sonic games per year

Masamori Sumimura2748d ago

yet Sonic 4 and colors are both coming this year and Sonic Anniversary collection next year.

DOMination2748d ago

Not to mention Sonic 4 is in several episodes and yesterday there was news of a new Sonic game in the works (albeit I think, another collaboration with Mario)

Droid Control2748d ago

Just makes some more shenmue games and we'll let it go.

ChickeyCantor2748d ago

"He says Sega is focusing on quality over quantity"


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