Nintendo Wii's Best In GC: Mario And Sonic At The Olympics Takes Home The Gold

The winner in the Nintendo Wii division of the Best in GC has been announced, and the winner was quite a surprise -- Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games took home the gold.

"Finally consumers will be able to see who's faster and who can jump higher - Mario or Sonic? A great casual gaming experience for all kinds of gamers," proclaimed the judges in their explanation of why the sports game won.

Super Mario Galaxy and Wii Fit had been considered stronger favorites to win.

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unsunghero284127d ago

Well, I definitely didn't expect that Mario and Sonic at the Olympics would beat Miyamoto's giants (WiiFit and Galaxy) for top spot, especially considering that critics haven't been all that thrilled with the game thus far.

With that said, this could be another Wii Sports. While not nearly as important for Nintendo as SMG or WiiFit, Mario and Sonic at the Olympics could be a system seller for casuals, Mario fans, or Sega fans.

Rooftrellen4127d ago

I don't think the reason for calling a game the best should be because we can learn something (and something that is controlled by the player, I would assume, I'd be mad if I always lost the 100m just because I wasn't Sonic).

I think Mario and Sonic will do well. I think it will be a lot of fun, but there is no way in the world that it stands up to Galaxy.

Maybe it has a lot of events I don't know about (there are a lot of sports that were never in games before that could be wonderful experiances on the Wii), but I just don't see it being a huge, great, 5 million seller.

Because last time we saw Mario like this (Mario 64), it was a revolution and got nearly 12 million sold.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympics will probably be a million seller, but not overly huge, and it will keep me entertained for a long time, I'm sure, but I doubt I'll log the same amount of time for it as I will for Galaxy.