New God of War: Ghost of Sparta Screens Rival PS2 Level Graphics

Ready at Dawn has made one of the best looking PSP games by far with Ghost of Sparta. To prove this point to everyone, Sony has released new screens of God of War: Ghost of Sparta and the latest screens show that the PSP is still a powerful handheld and can render some amazing graphics.

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RememberThe3572982d ago

I'm glad I kept my PSPs, this game looks amazing. Two God of War games in one year? I'm in.

raztad2981d ago

I'm also in. This is gonna be one of the few games I'm buying this year.

Ready at Dawn + Santa Monica have refined the God of War formula to perfection. GoS looks great and plays amazingly well, very smooth and the new animations are visceral and fun.

house2981d ago

i really wish it was on the ps3 theres nothing like a dual shock

MattyF2981d ago

The controls are great on the PSP for the game, though. It is much better than Chains of Olympus.