GT5 Prologue: GC 2007 Car Models Walkthrough

Get an in-depth look at the gorgeous cars featured in the game.

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Venom_Blood4077d ago

This is like watching a carshow. it really is "real drinving simulator"

madness4077d ago

anyone know why some car models have a lot fewer colors than others?

is it people those cars dont come in those colors in the real world? or is it really that much harder to slap on more colors with the way PP designs cars?

madness4075d ago

disagree to a question...

o retarded fanboys...

Fighter4077d ago

2 months to go till this game is downloaded on my PS3.

Frances-the-Mute4077d ago

better than my car, too bad i cant drive them to the beach :(

DJ4077d ago

And it's rendering them in realtime???

My pentium 4 w/ 1gig of ram can barely handle 30,000 polys before it starts choking up.

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The story is too old to be commented.