Harmonix Releases Rock Band Music Finder Widget

E4G: Harmonix has announced a little music finder widget for the Rock Band series. What this widget allows you to do is to search all the available songs that are in the Rock Band store.

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CovertGunman2898d ago

Hmm, that's pretty neat. Not necessarily something I would use, but neat nonetheless.

dkblackhawk502898d ago

I would definitively use it! Helps determine what songs are available before a consumer buys the product.

Hitman07692898d ago

too bad you cant get a bundle on PS3 for this game, what u supposed to do spend 50,000$ ?

shepowy2897d ago

Should be useful for Rock Band afficionados i guess.

Myst2897d ago

Ah when I read widget I instantly thought of Android phone, Hmm certainly could be helpful when searching for songs to buy without having to load up the game or console.