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Medal of Honor offers a cohesive campaign and fierce multiplayer competition for those who don't mind a little bit of tarnish on their first-person shooters.

The Good:
• Well-paced campaign
• Immersive dialogue
• Taut multiplayer action.

The Bad:
• Heavy-handed campaign scripting
• Enemy AI isn't terribly realistic
• Some incongruous cutscenes
• Steep multiplayer learning curve.

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ATi_Elite2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

7.5 is too high as this game blows IMO. If your a PC gamer check out this review.

BannedForNineYears2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Harsh much? D:

Oh snap, 1:50 something.....He called them the Taliban!!! The disguise didn't work! :P

BeOneWithTheGun2982d ago

I was so excited for it that I couldn't even wait for GameFly I went and rented it today. Within 30 minutes I knew it was a turd. AI is a joke. Like, a really, really bad joke. The graphics are slightly better than Battlefield 1943 and the game just feels generic and sloppy.

This is typically expected in the onslaught of shovelware we seen nowadays but with all the hype and whatnot, I expected this game to be a great, tension filled tour of modern day warfare. Nope. Cartoony, stale and completely void of any intense "war drama" it's a scripted run through with no soul and over used game play. The only thing that is decent is the sound. Whoopie.

MP, sucks. At least in battlefield we had large, open maps and tanks and whatnot. 5 matches I played and it is now in the case and being returned tomorrow. My only hope now is that BlackOps has revived the series and the glitching and hacking addressed. If not, FPS death is on the horizon.

DanteKnightsTemplar2982d ago

I think you summed this game well in that comment

Nolando2982d ago

Halo: reach shows the FPS is still thriving... or is your preference in shooters just military?

tacosRcool2981d ago

This games does not blow dude. Ever try playing it for yourself? Then you have no room to talk. I own it and I have to say I enjoy it so much better than MW2 (MW2 was never that good anyways)

hwbrewer32982d ago

this game was horrible for 360 also.i got home last night with it at about 1215.i was playing mw2 by 1 selling it on ebay now.

big_silky2982d ago

It's a shameless and cynical modern warfare clone, did anybody really expect greatness?

rdgneoz32982d ago

After playing the beta, no.

Relientk772982d ago

Coming from GameSpot I think this is a pretty good score. I was expecting an 8/10

gauntletpython2982d ago

Seems like the game is getting not-very-good reviews.

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The story is too old to be commented.