Latest Japanese Charts: PS3 sales rise, Xbox 360 drops further, Wii Leads

In the Latest Japanese Hardware Sales Chart released by Media Create, PS3 sales go up from last week, Xbox 360 sales drops and the Wii continues to dominate.

Nintendo DS Lite - 153,819
Wii - 73,938
PSP - 33,715
PLAYSTATION 3 - 21,720
PlayStation 2 - 15,240
Xbox 360 - 2,445
Game Boy micro - 418
Game Boy Advance SP - 212

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bung tickler3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

meh more of the same... nothing to see here move along.

duarteq3713d ago

Maybe they have a recycling program in Japan for Nintendo DS lol

djt233712d ago

because the ds have a lot of color over there and people like to get it
i have white and black ds lite and i just want to get blue one

supnub53712d ago

all japan has ds's you're wrong, because ds worldwide sold 50mil, but japan alone has 118mil people so you know.

KnowitAll3712d ago

"japan alone has 118mil people so you know." And 20 million ds have been sold in japan if we do the math.( Rounding up the 118 to 120mil)
We can say that out of every 6 people in japan one has a ds. and that my friend is INSANE!!
Out of a whole country 1 in 6 people have a ds!!!!

And now .5-1 million ds are sold each month in japan( So the numbers will grow)

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tmax3713d ago


Frances-the-Mute3713d ago

that's less than my school's student body

SacT0wnF1n3st3713d ago

Apparently Japanese are not big fans of the 360.

SofaKingReetodded3713d ago

MS is like that old rich man that walks out in public in long johns and a turd in his pants. the 360 in japan is a HUGE turd in their pants and they need to stop embarrassing themselves over there.

Fighter3713d ago

I'm sure every youngster in Japan has a DS lite. If they don't then they may be seen as an outcast even if they have the DS Phat.

djt233712d ago

thank you
i believe if you went to school in japan and you dont have a ds you just ....... or outcast

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The story is too old to be commented.