NPD Monthly Numbers Will Not Be Missed

GOS Writes: "If you haven’t heard by now the NPD Group will not be releasing monthly sales data, and will be charging a subscription fee to anyone who wants to obtain the information. How do you as a gamer feel about this? This might not be a major thing to everyone, but it is important.

I won’t miss NPD numbers when they are gone, but I see this whole situation as a double edged sword."

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Playerz82984d ago

I don't know about you, but I kinda looked forward to the monthly NPDs. Now how am I supposed to know which game and console sold the most each month?

Seraphim2984d ago

tell me again why this information is important to you?

oh yeah that's right, it's not. The NDP Groups data is only useful to businesses who's business it is to know numbers for investments and other aspects of business.

I think it's funny how many people are crying about this. As if their sole purpose and high point of the month is seeing which games/consoles sold the most. Even as an investor this information would be irrelevant to me. Aside from Take Two no single companies success hedges on 1-3 games.

Playerz82984d ago

It may not be totally important to me, but I just like to see which game and which console happened to sell the most each month.

TreMillz2984d ago

Aaron Greenburg mysteriously deletes his Twitter account!

bviperz2984d ago

That's all the numbers were used for. Stupid, ignorant, fanboy arguments. I still stand by belief that regardless of the sales data, great games are great games.

NoBias2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

You'd think it'd be leaked on blogs and forums as soon as someone blabs the numbers out. People can't even keep music, movies and games from being leaked for free download. But to keep some "Text" from being leaked?? HA!

I laugh.

Triella2984d ago

You know what's strange, that NPD decides to cut out monthly numbers out of the blue just before Kinect launch. There will be no contradictor when MS announces stellar sales figures for kinect creating a fake hype around the product.

I think MS knows that Kinect is their last chance in the console business before the investors decide to pull out the plug, and therefore is pressuring NPD not to realease figures that could hinder hype.

ReservoirDog3162984d ago

Life's funner when you stop thinking everything's a conspiracy.

tinybigman2984d ago

lives will be empty now that they won't be able to argue over stupid sales numbers. maybe they'll talk more about the games instead.

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Lex_Yayo_4072985d ago

There will be some dumb ass that will buy it to cause heat. Watch.

CharlesDCI2985d ago

Or someone who will buy a subscription then start using fake numbers in arguments lol. I'm sure the NPD Group will have some kind of disclaimer but still...

cayal2985d ago

Thank god.

Official numbers from Microsoft/Nintendo/Sony will do me.

despair2985d ago

don't care in the slightest, gamers just get the games they want and developers already know what they sold so only idiots with money to waste will pay for them.

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The story is too old to be commented.