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Ex EA Dev:"Old Republic will be one of the greatest failures in the history of MMOs""

An ex EA dev has blogged anonymously about why Warhammer Online failed and that " Old Republic will be one of the greatest failures in the history of MMOs from EA. Probably at the level of the Sims Online. We all know it too…” (Culture, EA, Industry, PC)

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NewsForMe  +   1694d ago
I was excited when I heard about this game. When I found out it was an MMO I was pissed. Just release a single player game, stop with the MMO BS. KotOR one and two were some of my favorite Xbox games. We need KotOR 3, Republic Commando 2 and Battlefront 3.
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dreamtheater87  +   1693d ago
Good MMO's are wonderful experiences. Joining a guild, making friends, and taking on huge boss encounters together beats the hell out of any single player experience I've ever had. Even the brilliantly told KotOR games. Why not give Old Republic a chance when it's released (granted that Bioware deliver)? Or are you a console only gamer with no real MMO experience?
SlickShoes  +   1693d ago
Just because you do not like MMO's does not mean there isnt a market for them. I personally love them and outside WoW there is very little worth playing now. Star Wars galaxies showed that there is a hunger for a decent star wars MMO, if bioware can deliver this then with an IP like star wars the game could stay live for well over a decade making them money whereas a single player game comes out once and thats it.
Jedi-Prospero  +   1693d ago
You clearly didn't finish #2
Kotor 1 - best game ever made

Kotor 2 - was a cluster frack - poor frame rate and no ending, it was cut because of time constraints at launch. Terrible.

Kotor 3 - will be the new king. Mmos are the wave of the future. Get on the train or get left behind. I have an atari you can play if you can't see the truth of it.
NewsForMe  +   1693d ago
I did play number two. It was a good game up until the ending. The framerate issues were bearable. I've played it multiple times, though not as many as the first.
Nac  +   1693d ago
The MMO is not KotOR 3.
Tony P  +   1693d ago
Play more games, padawan Prospero.

@News: I've played KoTOR2 many times as well. That's because it's a decent game. The cut content hurts it, yes. But what's there is fantastic imo. Especially the story, characters, and dialogue. I like those more than the original. It just operates on so many more levels and subtexts than KoTOR. No contest imo.

What KoTOR has going for it is completeness and polish. But KoTOR 2 is a much meatier (if incomplete) journey in practically every way.

I'd suggest, if you have the game for PC, getting the mods that restore the cut content.
Nac  +   1692d ago
It really comes down to the the Grand Epic set on the Galactic stage(KotOR 1) versus the personal, deep quest(KotOR 2). If KotOR 1 is the iliad, KotOR 2 is certainly it's odyssey
DirtyLary  +   1693d ago
We all know its going to fail, it's not WOW.

Same scenario, everyone will flock to the new game, blast through and get ahead of the developers on end game content. People will get bored, trash talk the game and run back to WOW.
Letros  +   1694d ago
Lol this guy blames no marketing on WAR's failure? It had 1,000,000 subscribers at launch, then had no content, and Lich King came out a month later, it's no surprise it bombed. I played WAR its a good game, however not as good as what WoW + 4 years(at the time), and people just didn't stick with it.
Tony P  +   1693d ago
Marketing is not the sole source of blame. The quotes taken from the blog don't summarize it. Read the blog itself.
S4NDM4N  +   1694d ago
Letros, he blamed WAR failing on the actual directors. He said the marketing was shit too though
kasasensei  +   1693d ago
"Ex EA Dev:"Old Republic will be one of the greatest failures in the history of MMOs"""
I think so too. Like an halo mmo, it's gonna be an epic fail.
Shepherd 214  +   1693d ago
Thats a stupid thing to say.
There are plenty of amazing games that would fail miserably if they were to be an MMO.
PS360fanboy  +   1693d ago
I don't think a Bioware rpg, mmo or not, will ever fail. Not even the sonic rpg failed.

But yes, we'd love a kotor 3 or a kotor hd collection, please.
evolution54  +   1693d ago
I smell bitterness....

But anyways, I don't know much about MMO's or MMORPG's to talk about it but wouldn't A.P.B take the crown for the worst failed MMO ever?
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SlickShoes  +   1693d ago
APB truly was a disaster, at least like i mentioned in other posts star wars has a loyal fanbase which basically means there is no chance it will go the way of APB no matter how bad it is.
SlickShoes  +   1693d ago
A lot of this depends what you regard a failure, if they are expecting WoW levels of subscriptions (12 million) it will be a failure, if they are aiming for around 1 million it will probably be a success. I enjoyed Star Wars Galaxies and i know everyone i used to play that with will at least be trying this game since the Galaxies is such a mess nowadays. Star wars carries a large fanbase that even should this fail it could probably trundle along for a good few years making a steady but small profit anyway.

Also suggesting the MMO market has always been dominated by blizzard is a joke, plnety other great games in the past and WoW has only really been dominant since around 2007. WoW isnt even what other games should aspire to, its a geniune freak of circunstance, if any MMO aims for WoW levels of subscription it will fail no matter how good the game is.
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ProgidalSon  +   1693d ago
This guy has no merit, to be honest. There have been far worse MMOs. SW:TOR as it is right now has more content and polish than some of the MMOs already out. Bioware is not going to screw over its fans. If people are looking at this as an EA MMO, they're looking at it wrong. It's all Bioware - EA is just publishing and marketing.
darthdevidem01  +   1693d ago
First FFXIV, now this?!

ANd it boils my blood to think all that time could be spent on a KOTOR 3....and on a single player FFXIV on the other hand!

These companies should forget about MMO's.
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Spinal  +   1693d ago
Now I wouldn't say The Old Republic will just fail, There is a market for Star Wars MMO an Bioware have proven themselves as Good game developers so people have faith in them. However I've seen gameplay of The old republic an it does need alot of work when compared to Guild Wars 2 an even TERA (korean mmo i wont buy).

Now I played many great MMO's before WoW was released. I played The Realm Online, Ultima Online an Star Wars Galaxies (pre-Combat update)An they were all great games at the time.

WoW came along an it wasn't graphics or marketing that made it a huge success it was The GAMEPLAY. An til today it remains to have some of the most fun GAMEPLAY i can find in MMO's. I tried warhammer online at launch, also age of conana an AION. They all fell short in terms of gameplay an content despite having stunning Graphics.

Personally I look forward to Guild Wars 2 an Diablo 3 next year an the Old republic has now almost left my mind. An i enjoyed kotor 1 an 2. hope they do kotor 3 eventually.
CrzyFooL  +   1693d ago
It's WoW with Lightsabers and voice acting, it's a sure fire hit!!
jackdoe  +   1693d ago
This guy is a bitter ex-employee and you have to take his accusations about projects that he hasn't worked on with a grain of salt. He isn't employed by Bioware and is a Mythic employee. Not to mention the fact that a $300 Million budget is ludicrous and well outside the realm of plausibility.
crazedfishuk  +   1693d ago
Spitefully, I actually hope Old Republic does fail as then the realisation may dawn that perhaos they should concentrate on the series' everyone is mentioning above-KOTOR and Battlefront. Man, I'd love a KOTOR 3-still play the first two!
ECM0NEY  +   1693d ago
To everyone saying KOTOR 3!!!
Bioware has already said SWTOR is KOTOR 3. They will be releasing new content in the form of episodes. Which the 1st episode will be KOTOR 4 then 5 and so on. A singleplayer KOTOR 3 will never happen, deal with it.
I creep their forums everyday.
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crazedfishuk  +   1693d ago
I personally meant a single-player KOTOR 3-game in the same mould as the previous two. I heard the same about SWTOR being KOTOR 3 but, not speaking for everyone here, I really wanted a single player KOTOR 3 over an attempt to continue the francise whilst attempting to exploit the MMO market. Gimme another 30+ hours of story-driven, party-building and galaxy spanning Star Wars adventure!!
Nac  +   1693d ago
Ummm, no.
In terms of content, its seen as "3-12", but they have recognized it is its own "thing". This is not KotOR 3.
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Tony P  +   1693d ago
I've read the same things and I simply do not want MMoTOR 3.

They talk a really good game about how this will be unlike any other MMO out there and how it solves all the genre's problems and cures cancer etc... but that's marketing.

If they can make it so you're not another generic avatar grinding your way to endgame so you can wait for the next content patch, great.

Unfortunately, since practically every MMO ever (with the possible exception of EVE) has been exactly this, I will remain highly sceptical until they can actually prove it.
BabyTownFrolics  +   1693d ago
where is
kotor 3
Republic Commando 2
battlefront 3

Akagi  +   1693d ago
Hmm... pretty sure A.P.B has secured that title.
limewax  +   1693d ago
Dev sounds angry he lost his job
Tony P  +   1693d ago
He's not hating on the game, people.

Read the source. It's just a click away. He's blaming the shifty management who are now in charge of overseeing TOR.

This is a great read for future devs, I think. You want to work with a big publisher like EA or Activision so bad?

Welcome to corporate.
il-mouzer  +   1693d ago
makes me happy to have never chosen the gaming industry as my employment

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