USA Today: Medal of Honor Review

Electronic Arts faces an uphill battle when it comes to first-person shooter Medal of Honor. Formerly entrenched in World War II, the franchise is trying to reinvent itself by switching to the present day. But it enters a crowded battlefield with juggernauts Call of Duty and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 owning most players' online time.

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dkgshiz2982d ago

Why use a scoring system that only goes up to 4? Why in the hell does USA Today even review games?

Paradise Lost2982d ago

I'll come up with a scoring system that goes up to 2.

dkgshiz2982d ago

Then its a 50/50 chance if its going to suck or not.

ATi_Elite2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Better yet I'll just play the game and give.....
A Thumbs up or Thumbs Down!!

With the game developers standing in the Colosseum surrounded by lions and Gladiators.

"Now are YOU NOT entertained? mu ha ha ha ha

visualb2981d ago

I'll make a binary score system:

it either fails or succeeds. it will bode well on N4G =D

ATi_Elite2982d ago

"Why in the hell does USA Today even review games?"

cheap attempt to get the younger generation to buy their paper.

5 hour single player? Multi-player that is second fiddle to MW2 and BFBC2? Low end DX9 graphics?

And you want me to pay $49.99(PC) for this? (laughing while loading up BFBC2 Vietnam)

Soldierone2981d ago

Again, another example of someone hating MOH for something COD did. 5 hour single player? Yet you bought MW2 that is like 3 hours on hard?

thedisagreefairy2982d ago

they used the same system for games.

SKUD2982d ago

I'll wait for the inquirer review.

ATi_Elite2982d ago

LOL you get bubbles for that one.

Microsoft_Spokesman2982d ago

I got the game and it's actually really fun.

jarrod19812982d ago

i wish dice would have spent their time making more maps for bc2 instead of the multiplayer for this. i know their releasing vietnam but i still want more. cant picture myself enjoying this compared to bc2 multiplayer. its the best

BannedForNineYears2982d ago

A 75%? If you think of it percentage wise, rating out of 4 isn't a good idea. ~_~

Shackdaddy8362982d ago

Ya, lol. Its either gonna be a 100% or a 75%... Such a big difference

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