Famitsu review scores - Vanquish reviewed

The latest Famitsu review scores include one of the first Vanquish reviews, Medal of Honor, a near perfect score, and more.

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eggbert2899d ago

Vanquish sounds good!!

Then again... Famitsu seems to give western-themed games developed in Japan fairly high scores. Didn't they give Quantum Theory 7's and FFXIII 9's and 10's?

I'll probably pick Vanquish up sometime regardless.

Gandalf2899d ago

I'm getting it because the demo was fun as hell. Whatever the reviews are, ain't gonna stop me from getting it.

frostyhat1232899d ago

39/40 almost flawless. Does anybody know any other reviews for this game?

RedDead2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

there's a 3/5 one by umm, some sort of unknown site, that review basically said fans only, I dunno if i'd trust it though, the review was a bit weird and they didn't even play the first game.

rdgneoz32899d ago

@frostyhat123 Yah, Naruto getting a 39/40. Looks pretty good. Played the first one and liked it, was only missing the online component which this one has.

As for Vanquish, the first demo I thought was OK. I loved the challenge mode demo from the Japanese PSN store, hard and fun.

ABizzel12899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

I'll eventually get it, but I really wished it had co-op or multiplayer.

The score for Naruto is no surprise, a lot of hard work went into that game. It's the best translation of manga to video ever.

KillaManiac2898d ago

I loved the first Naruto UNS, but a 39/40?? Wow I am so pumped for this game!!

djhsecondnature2898d ago

There will be a review on MediaKick ( 9am (BST) Friday.

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MrMccormo2899d ago

After playing the demo, I definitely want this game.

EVILDEAD3602899d ago

Added to must buy in October list...

Serjikal_Strike2899d ago

from gameinformer cuz you will probably beat the game in about 4hrs or less in your 1st playthrough .....they also said it gets boring really quick....

EVILDEAD3602899d ago

Damn another 4 hour game? That's what they are claiming for the MOH campaign..

tacosRcool2898d ago

Vanquish is overhyped. Never liked the demo and will never get the game.

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saint_john_paul_ii2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

wow, thats really good. 37/40

Myst2899d ago

Wow just look at Ninja storm 2, Hmm, need to find a way to get this game but probably won't be on release date :/

despair2899d ago

translation is more 8-9 scores, wasn't really interested in vanquish at first and even after the demo but now after seeing more vids and gameplay the VO is the only off putting part.

Swiftfox2899d ago

Does that VO mean "voice overs"?

If that's the case, the demo had multi-language options including the orginal Japanese voices.

Sorry if that's not the case.

despair2899d ago

yea as usual the voice overs are crappy as hell, will the full game come with multilanguage because I would rather play it in Japanese with subtitles.

colonel1792899d ago

Yeah the demo is multilanguage, but I can't get it to show subtitles when in Japanese audio. They only show when the audio is English. Hopefully the final game addresses that

despair2899d ago

true, how hard is it to put a toggle subtitle language option.

Relientk772899d ago

The demo for vanquish was pretty badass I def liked it and will probably get it sooner or later

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