Haze: GC 2007 Multiplayer Footage

Out of ammo? Just whip out some knives and toss them at your opponents.

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Schmitty073952d ago

And this continues the tradition of people sucking that play these demos.

Panthers3951d ago

Maybe the person is talking to people while he is playing. It is hard to play when you have cameras and mics in your face

HeartlesskizZ3952d ago

ya hate that so much, Make sure u do ur best if u being record but they probly got shy with the cam

BIadestarX3952d ago

Another.... crappy FPS. I am not impressed by this game at all. Aside from the Halo looking armors.... What so special about this game... that COD4 will not pee over it? vehicles? Storyline? Graphics? what? I just don't see it. I think there is a rumor that this game may be PS3 exclusive... I hope is true... they can keep it.

ISay3952d ago

another xbot mad he cant get his hands on this one

TheMART3951d ago

I was at the Ubisoft booth and they still said it would be on PS3 this fall and 360/PC early next year. The rumors were just... rumors. As often with PS3 positive news: proven false.

markfield3951d ago

looks like just another FPS. nothing special. H3 and CoD4 will dominate. Haze and Killzone are ok, but don't shine. I bought my 360 on day one and have no regets or doubts that it was, and still is, the best box for hardcore gamers. i'm not a 'fanboy', just someone that knows value for money and quality games - the 360 has both.... ok, I'm done.

takz3951d ago

would go so far as to say its crap it just seems like your average shooter. i mean it looks like it has the capacity to be a really good game but its execution seems rather bland. i honestly feel the only real reason why its getting so much attention cos its a timed exclusive was one of the reason i checked out but honestly with cod4 and halo comming out this year i just dont see the point of ever playing this game. hopefully theres alot more to it than meets the eye guess we will just have to wait and see. thats just my two cents on it

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Mattguy3952d ago

Man we've seen all this before-show us the tanks! And bladestar you wouldn't know a good fps if it shot you up the A$$.

chrno63952d ago

Don't blame bladestar since he has stocks in MS lol.

gEnKiE3952d ago

Looks great but i want to see more open ended levels. They got to have them considering theirs vehicles....

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The story is too old to be commented.