SI: Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Review

Saiyan Island reviews the game, shows off online mode and game play from Naruto's latest PS3 and Xbox 360 adventure.

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Def Warrant2811d ago

wow this looks like the cartoon. I like it.

deafwing2810d ago

looking forward to this

Blaze9292810d ago

the reviews for this game are going to be totally mixed. You'll have fan reviews and then....critic reviews. For this genre of games though, reviews don't even matter.

criticalkare2810d ago

I don't really care about the reviews for this game actually I know this game is gonna be good because it follows shippudden storyline.

NoBias2810d ago

I can't freaking wait

ZombieNinjaPanda2810d ago

Love how you chose the two strongest support characters in the game, Pein and Minato.

NoBias2810d ago

The guy playing Lee didn't do him any justice either.

RedDead2810d ago

This is more what I was expecting, I would say my opinion will 8.5 or 9

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