Rune Factory: Oceans heading to Wii, PS3

A new entry in the Rune Factory series has been announced for Wii and PS3. It's the first time a RF title will be heading to Sony's home console.

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tunaks12924d ago

still haven't played rune factory frontier on wii yet,
but I hear its great.

bakagaijin782924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

There are differing opinions, but RFF is my hands-down favorite wii game. I'm excited to hear another one is on its way.. and to the PS3!

ElementX2924d ago

I played Rune Factory 2 on DS and I lost interest within a week.

Otheros002924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Rune Facotry 2's combat and VA s*ck.
Rune Factory 3 however was way better the rune factory 2. The character art in rune factory 3 was nice and the combat was a major improvement over rune factory 2's.
I don't know about story since I Can't read Japanese.

MonopolyRSV2924d ago

Not buying any new Harvest Moon or Rune Factory games until they come up with a way to interact online with other players in a meaningful way. Need to make something about the game more dynamic, like weather which is based on real life conditions for your area, and something like gambling on how many crops you can grow and trade with other players.

Something needs to be done to make you feel like you are competing to run the best operation possible via growing crops etc and from trading with players you meet in the game online. This is PS3, you are really gotta step it up, time to make the ultimate farming style game.

There is room for much more expansion in this genre of game in America and Europe, but someone needs to really make the definitive title that everyone will want to play. Gotta be more creative.

Seijoru2924d ago

I agree, the games have been getting stale.

Redempteur2924d ago

i agree these ae good ideas but DOES rune actory Need to be community-based ?

in these games your first ennemy is the clock , then the ennemies ... do you need another player to complicate things even more ?

not to say that a co-op style/mode isn't neeeded ( IMo i 'd love it to see it happen)

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