Kinect Preorder Scamwatch!

With Amazon UK and GAME locking down their Kinect preorder lists, have highlighted some of the Kinect preorder scams that are doing the rounds at the moment.

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wat6342807d ago

@thumbnail - Is that home alone?

MrMccormo2807d ago

Indeed, it's Harry. But where's Marve?

NJShadow2807d ago

Marv couldn't make it, unfortunately.

Jamie Foxx2807d ago

I know what the press and gamers are going to be saying its too obvious

The Wood2807d ago

i hear you're gunna play nathan drake in the full screen adaptation

confirm or deny ??;)

CrzyFooL2807d ago

+1 for Joe Pesci thumbnail image from Home Alone

Apollyn2807d ago

That's funny all 3 local game stores are still taking pre orders

FordGTGuy2807d ago

is sold out until recently as Microsoft increased their allocation but they said that they expect to be sold out again within the week. I would guess it will be the same story for the three stores near you.

Apollyn2807d ago

I work for one of those 3 stores though and we haven't heard anything about stopping deposits yet also we are giving 1 copy of kinect away and some staff have it ordered but arnt buying it. As my manager wants loads too free sale.

We have had a sign on our door saying only 15 left for 4 weeks now. Its all rubbish we do to make people want to order it more.

DiRtY2807d ago

I can't wait for Kinect for two reasons:

No. 1: I want to play with Kinect and try to get my girlfriend into gaming.

No. 2: I want to see the sales of Kinect. It is sold out at,, Newegg and Gamestop. And advertising has not started yet. 3 million in the first 2 months seems like an educated guess.

SuperM2807d ago

And i want to see the backlash from dissapointed consumers who just realised they wasted 150$

mcstorm2807d ago

I am looking forward to it too will be nice for the other half to use my 360 as well as when my little sister comes round.

I know this site hates Kinect but from what I can see it is going to be the next wii at xmas and it should be interesting to see the difference in sales of the wii and the 360 come this xmas.

I also think kinect will get used alot more than the PS move and the wii in homes because of the media side ect.

Yes it is not showing off everything MS said at E3 2009 but I have been following what has been said about Kinect since e3 2010 and I think MS will make Kinect the add on to have for any console and it will help improve the xbox name and also move the console away from its FPS tag that is has and move it into the PS3 side of its a console for all gamers.

Moentjers2806d ago


No.1: You should play with your girlfriend instead

No.2: You should start working for MS, get very high on the ladder and please then pass us the real numbers.

CantHaveOpinionsHere2807d ago

lets see if the software can keep up

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The story is too old to be commented.