U.K.'s Conservative Party leader blames video games for gang violence

In the wake of a tragic murder of an 11-year-old boy in Liverpool, England, David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party and Leader of Opposition in the U.K., blames the video game industry for the "rise in gang violence and yobbish behavior." He's now calling for much tighter censorship.

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Fighter3956d ago

This is so dumb blaming video games for the rise in crime and gang violence. Did Hitler play video games? Is that why he was the scum of the Earth in the early 20th century? Human Beings are designed with so many flaws and some of us are naturally born violent. Most criminals had a bad upbringing by parents who were unaware or just didn't care for their kids well being.

This is how those shady politicians get their votes. Instead of asking parents to do their jobs properly they shift the blame on video games and movies for the reasons why society is so unjust. I agree that certain games should not be sold to minors and should have a rating system just for legal reasons but don't try to put a ban on games and take away us normal people's fun. Fu*k all those politicians who only care for their own campaign and popularity.

kevanio093955d ago

...English, people like him are idiots, relying on the ignorance of most parents to get votes, look at saw, hostel...films such as these are more violent than most video games could ever be and they are allowed.

Why_So_Serious3955d ago

politician using the same rhetoric to make headlines

Frances-the-Mute3955d ago

but it will never bring the industry down, blame it on the parents and the child's lack of self-control

LiamFly3955d ago

The Uk has tried so many hair-brained ideas that they were convinced would work to stop crime, and now, after their plans didn't follow through, they have started to blame not themselves, but video-games. The UK actually tops the US in violent crime rates. You see, the UK has a near total gun ban. This doesn't stop crime, but frees criminals from the risks involved in commiting crime against armed civilians. If civilians aren't armed, criminals can more freely commit violents crimes against them because the people cannot defend themselves. So in European countries (and Austraria) we see not just gun bans, but bans on video games and movies. In the US this would be a clear infringment of free speech and the right to own weapons. And who's better off for it? You and I in America. We're freer and safer, while the UK tries to ban more things in the name of safety.

Smellslikepie3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

Bloody hell, mate. I hope that's a joke. Where did you get the idea that the UK tops the US in violent crime rates? Let's have a little lesson, yes?

So, how many accounts of murder were there in America between 1998 and 2000? 12,658. That's 0.042802 per 1,000 people .
So, going by your logic, the UK should have a higher amount of murders per 1,000 people. In reality, the UK in this period of time had a total of 850 murders. That's 0.0140633 per 1,000 people. That's a quite a difference, and as you can plainly see, the US has more murders per 1,000 people than the UK.

Now, your argument was that the UK should legalize guns because you think it makes the average citizen safer. You say that you're freer and safer, while the UKs 'Hair brained' techniques don't work. Remember that.

The total number of murders with firearms in the US was 8,529. That's 0.0279271 per 1,000 people. Compare this with the UK; where there was 62 murders with a firearm. 0.00102579 per 1,000 people.

Hmm, y'know, I'd say that we, in the UK, are much safer than those in the US. Your argument is a load of bollocks. I'm all for a ban on guns, the less violence the better, wouldn't you say? Of course, I don't mind it in videogames, that's harming no one.

Concerning this news, remember this is the conservative party. I wouldn't expect any less from them. I can't stand them

Vip3r3955d ago

You've got to love it when an American tries to explain what is wrong a country he/she's most likely never been too and how his country is far more better. Trust me mate you have it all wrong. Try listening to what smellslikepie has to say.

Anyway no that long ago the Conservatives we wanting to boost the games industry in the UK.

LiamFly3955d ago

According to the International Crime Victims Survey conducted by Leiden University in Holland, England and Wales ranked second in violent crime rates among industrialized nations.( http://webapp.icpsr.umich.e... )

"Twenty-six percent of English citizens -- roughly one-quarter of the population -- have been victimized by violent crime. Australia led the list with more than 30 percent of its population victimized.

The United States didn't even make the "top 10" list of industrialized nations whose citizens were victimized by crime." ( )

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