Killzone 2 GC 2007 Mission Complete Cam Gameplay

Finishing one of the early missions in Killzone 2.

Note: I have included footage of the original E3 2007 conclusion as well, so as to show that the ending has indeed been improved upon. The LGC footage is more fluid and the Helghast actually continue to attack as Sev attempts to destroy the arc tower.

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nomuken4077d ago

Its a killzone blowout!!!! it gets better and better.

Rybnik4077d ago

And just the little bit of tweaking (i.e. Helghast actually attack and the lighting seems to have been brightened a bit) makes a HUGE difference in how good this section looks now. Much more fluid! Agree, disagree?

xaphanze4077d ago

you could tell the difference.Just imagine the improvement in the months to come.

hazeblaze4077d ago

Yea, the improvement in that level was amazing. And we still have at least six months left until release, that's pretty awesome.

fopums4077d ago

my surround sound is going to be put to good use when this badboy comes out :)

Maddens Raiders4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

Journalist: "Is that lens flare?"

Matthias: "Huh - what?"

Journalist: "Um is that lens flare?"

Matthias: "Yes, there is lens flare...we have internal lens reflection, that's another cinematic thing we're working on as well..."

Journalist: "Oh sorry for interrupting - I'll shut the hell up now sir.." =P

Great comparison vids. GG rulez Mart's world right about now.

Rybnik4077d ago

Thanx Maddens. I thought the comparo was in order as when I posted the original E3 ending everyone was b*tchin' about how lame it was to to hit a button and shoot a bunch of times to destroy a stationary target..It would seem that Guerrilla took that to heart..quickly!!

EZCheez4077d ago

Every time I get to see some new footage I am amazed at what I see. I almost wish they would have hidden this from everyone until it was closer to release. That way I wouldn't have to pick my jaw off the floor so much.

Schmitty074077d ago

That play these demos always suck?

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