PAX 07 hands-on: Wii Table Tennis controls are insane

The first thing into today in the PAX exhibition hall was Rockstar's just-revealed Table Tennis port for the Wii. The graphics, while obviously better than a photo taken of a TV screen would portray, are high-end PS2. That's a pretty familiar statement for a Wii game.

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Salvadore4077d ago

Played it once at Ebgames and it was very fun to play.

i Shank u4077d ago

360 version was fun, if they get the controls as good as they sound the wii version will def. be the one to grab. time for some good tennis action instead of wii sports tennis imitation

Rooftrellen4077d ago

I would be shocked if this could be a great game, just because the all out motion control is in its infancy.

I would like if I could choose what to do with the ball by how I swing the wiimote, not by pressing buttons. If I want to hit the ball softly, I will, without having to press a button.

So it looks like a game that could have been great may end up being just another port with no effort put into it. Had Rockstar really worked with the abilities the Wii has, it could have made a wonderful game, but as it looks right now, its the 360 version with swinging instead of hitting a button. I would much rather have all of the control of the ball in how I flick my wrist, because last time I played, table tennis paddles didn't have buttons for me to hit to decide how the ball would spin, or how hard I was hitting it...