Chris Slate re-appears at PSM Offices

PSM Online states "Former Editor-in-Chief, Chris Slate, was spotted today in the PSM offices, sparking rumors of an imminent return to right the listing ship."

For any of you familiar with the current debacle regarding Rob Smith's presence at PSM, this is a very interesting piece of information. Follow the link for Chris Slate's piercing comment against Rob.

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Bigmac5734134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

Now get rid of that fvcking joke of an editor in chief Rob Smith. I miss the old PSM, not this new sh1t from reviewers looking to spark controversy. We love Slate!

WAR_MACHINE774134d ago

It would seem the PSM staff agree with you too, since they were the ones to post the news of his possible return on their site.

gEnKiE4134d ago

I sure do miss the old PSM.... used to be my favorite mag...

EZCheez4134d ago

How many magazines has this guy done? I swear I think he used to write for a magazine called Next Generation. I don't even think that comes out anymore. I recognize so many writers now because I have been reading magazines like this for about 18 years.

On topic though, I think that's exactly who should be in charge of a magazine called PSM. A Sony fanboy. It should never be any other way.

Tsalagi4134d ago

He used to write and be editor for Gameplayers/Ultra Gameplayers back in the day.

Hail Gazuga!!!!

WilliamRLBaker4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

Found the auguest, and september issues.

Here we go offenses that most fanboys on this site would cite as reason to fire or hang an editor, or reviewer.

Cover:Is the ps3 worth 600 dollars?
Automatic death or fireing, since ps3 is god, and obviously worth 600 billion dollars.

Psm Staff area:
Christ slate says who wants to pay 500-600$ for their ps3, all so says the big news isn't all ways good.
Automatic death, and or fireing since ps3 is god and any one would be willing to pay 500-600$ for the ps3 or they are anti sony, and 500-600$ is amazing news.

Ps3: the good and the bad section
The price
Automatic death...ect since any price for the ps3 in sony fanboy eyes is ok, and you must be poor if you cant pay 500-600$ for a toy...

No controller vibration
Automatic death...ect since VIBRATION NOW SUX! because sony said it wouldn't work with the ps3, which was later found out to be a lie, and the only reason was the immersion lawsuit.

The games there not being many, and the ones shown not looking that good
Automatic death...ect because all ps3 games are angelic and god like, and bring on an euphoria like that of being in gods presence and any amount of money should be paid.

The other guys side bar
Automatic death...ect because all other systems suck, and every thing shown by them at e3 2006 sucked.

Is there a ps3 difference, Game comparison section Resistance, doesn't look any better then gears...
Automatic death...ect because gears sucked, and resistance was the best FPS ever made.

My first e3 section Tom holoien goes to e3
2.The wii talks about how its made them all remember their inner nintendo fanboy.
Automatic death...ect Because nintendo sux, the wii sux and no sony fanboy was ever a nintendo fanboy.

Lets see the end by adam warren, beyond the 699 ps3....
A big art thing by adam warren making fun of the ps3 price, first showing the 999 dollar yakuza thug ps3 so they beat up other gamers... next the 9999 diamond version with platnium..ect the 99,999 version where actors come and do the movies for you in ur living room instead of playing them on blu ray....the 999,999 the super computing version of the ps3, that downloads our brain...ect
Automatic death, castration...ect because how dare they let them make fun of the ps3 price, or the ps3, ps3 is god!

Thats just from the auguest issue.

September issue.
Whats behind blu rays dull debut.
talks about how the first demo movies...ect you see in stores are less then stellar and no better then dvd....and how they weren't impressed...ect
Automatic death...ect because blu ray is amazing no matter what, its like seeing the goddess aphroditie naked, no matter the source material used. (they later go on to say how bad source files and material we're used and that when better material is used the true shine of blu ray is shown, but fanboys dont think that way).

Last part of letters, octs mail, Talks about how they like the wii controller, and its motion sensing/tilt is much better....
Death....ect since wii sux, the motion sensing of the sixaxis is better, and more advanced...blah blah blah

Warning, the Above is a dramatization, it is opinion only, I left out a few things, and if you got the mags then read them, I only pointed out stuff that under the current logic of fanboys, especially sony fanboys that this is what should happen to editors and staff at psm for saying such things.

With talks of how its conspriacy, and such for the reviews of warhawk and lair in psm...ect even though rob smith has worked for more magazines COMBINED then the whole staff at psm, all ranging across many different systems.

Fanboys need to see that rob didn't review those games, and what he said a few months back was simple widely believed opinion.

P.S: I would laugh my ass off if it came out chris slate did the reviews for warhawk and lair. that would shut up alot of fanboys.

P.P.S:I know that all fanboys are bad, and the reason i've said above is because sony fanboys are the largest population in the world, because of sony's userbase, If 360 was in the same way, and a former sony mag editor was at OXM, and halo 3 got an 6.5 or something, I'd say the same stuff.

DJ4134d ago

Rather there were some genuine complaints that were supported with widely upheld reasoning at that time. $600 was a ridiculous amount of money to ask for, the 360 titles looked better at that point, and there was little certainty in the future of the Playstation hardware. Hell, PSN wasn't even a viable topic until GC 2007.

But now that Sony has shown an amazing software lineup through 2008 (and not the full one, mind you) as well as huge upgrades to the PSN network and services, things look a lot better.

WilliamRLBaker4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

yep but last i checked...the remarks made in the july, and auguest, and sep issue are NO worse then what rob smith said a few months ago about xbox live, And its a widely believed opinion that compared to xbox live, psn just isn't up to snuff and thats what rob smith said that sony had yet to expand and become an actual competitor when it comes to xbox live.

As for that last i checked in sony fanboy minds such things as....not willing to pay 1billion dollars for a ps3 is reason for fireing, and not loving every game and giving it AAA status is conspiracy.

I'll edit the above comment with my findings.

P.S: I love all the peeps so far in the couple facts, conspiracy forum post article...ect saying i miss the old psm...yeah...umm rob smith has been there how long? lol its not he old mag, I've got an sub to psm, and its not changed at all since rob joined.

ShiftyLookingCow4134d ago

anyone want to use this as their avatar?

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