Exciting Sonic Colours multiplayer trailer gets the hype machine rolling

El33tonline writes:

"Uh-oh… is it OK to get our hopes up about Sonic Colours? Or are we going to get burned like every other time we get excited about a new Sonic title?

What’s the cause for the Sonic Colours enthusiasm all of a sudden? Other than the gameplay that was showcased in the first gameplay trailer for the game? Glad you asked, because the answer is very simple.

The reason it might be prudent to start getting excited about Sonic Colours is… the gameplay that’s been showcased in the second gameplay trailer for the game, this time featuring multiplayer action!"

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darkcharizard2904d ago

This is gonna be better than Sonic 4

milohighclub2904d ago

sega YOU SUCK, the first decent 3d sonic game wii exclusive!!! they've lost the plot (kinda)

Quagmire2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

I know, I hate this. Colors will work PERFECTLY with PSMove, dont understand why they wont port. Ill definitely buy it.

Screw you sega, gimme a REAL shenmue 3 aswell. I need a hug...

Venox20082904d ago

Can't wait!!! :) really looks better than Sonic 4 :)