Amazon reveals Dead Space 2 Collector’s Edition contents

Although not yet announced, Amazon has leaked the CE of the upcoming Dead Space 2. Before being taken down, I was able to save the picture of the upcoming edition. It includes a replica plasma cutter, soundtrack, art book, and dlc costume.


The story is now linked to the Examiner website. There you can view a larger picture of the contents included in the CE.

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Lazy_Gamer2712d ago

I'm sure that Amazon "accidentally" revealed many things. And that it was an accident. Still, pretty cool though.

yoghurt2712d ago

Combined with the extra value of the Dead Space Extraction for PS3 move owners, brilliant

raztad2712d ago

Extraction looks a lot more enticing to me than the cheap Frostline "port" bundled in MoH.

jdktech20102712d ago

There's a collector's edition fore everything now even when it really doesn't need one

Ares84PS32712d ago

Games that are held in high regard.

This game defenatly deserves a CE.

Theonik2712d ago

Kinectimals gets a CE... Pretty much all the games that are coming now get a CE of some form.

theonlylolking2712d ago

Now amazon is a place for gaming news. Who would have thought?

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The story is too old to be commented.