GT5 Video: McLaren F1 Gets Dirty at Laguna Seca, Toscana

GTPlanet: "Here’s one of our first looks at dirt accumulation on the side of cars in Gran Turismo 5 - a revelation courtesy of GameStop’s “Turismo Tuesdays”."

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Richard Cypher2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Seriously, this game is freaking crazy and looks better each day.
And i'm sure KY still have something hidden in his sleeves.

DORMIN2810d ago

I thought that was real life until I saw the HUD on the top of the screen

Keith Olbermann2810d ago

and I'm not even a racing fan but this may change my mind. The looks plus all those little details and the online mode is going to be sick...cant wait.

visualb2810d ago

seriously, the car wouldn't last very long xD

still, amazing. love how the dirt picks up =D

Mr Tretton2810d ago

Just keeps looking better

Yangus2810d ago

McLaren F1 in rallye track?WTF?

wsoutlaw872810d ago

i was a little sad to see it get dirty

ExplosionSauce2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Actually any car can drive on dirt(with dirt tires)
I assume it was done to show of the dirt.

The Lazy One2810d ago

Any car can drive on anything, but that doesn't mean it's smart. The mclaren would have so much damage after that :(

Not to mention the driver's spine... :/

Qbanj692810d ago

If this were real life, it would be like throwing away 1.2 Million dollars. The car would be so damaged beyond repair. McLaren's cannot stand something like this.

ShinMaster2810d ago

Yeah, you really shouldn't drive a McLaren on dirt.
But you can, lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.