IGN: Alan Wake: The Writer Review

The Writer a must-play for anybody that downloaded The Signal as it wraps up the mini-story arc. In total, the two add-ons offer a great addendum to the main game, turning the final punctuation from a question mark to a period. Though The Writer may be a bit short for its 560 Microsoft point price tag, the playful level design and dialogue makes it a winner.

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user8586212956d ago

Played it finished it, ending gives me hopes that there will be a sequel :D

Solidus187-SCMilk2956d ago

I hope what you say is true because im hoping for a sequel someday.

QuantumWake2956d ago

Yup, after finishing the DLC just right now, a sequel to Alan Wake is basically confirmed.

Great job Remedy! Excited for a sequel to Alan Wake. Great game!

Cheers! :D

perfectCarbonara2956d ago ShowReplies(2)
tatotiburon2956d ago

this game is so amazing and deep, i hope it get a sequel

TheColbertinator2956d ago

I don't think its getting a sequel.It didn't sell 10 million

Dread2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

this game was simply fantastic. It is easily a GOTY contender. I truly hope that Remedy gets the credit they deserve. It is a pitty that so many poeple hate on this amazing game just because it is a 360 exclusive.

and the irony is that all these sony frangirls always complain that 360 fans just talk about sales and not games ("I play games not sales" and other similarly idiotic comments) yet when Alan Wake did not sell millions these same tin foil hat wearing extremist haters only talked about the allged poor sales it got. Lolz

I'll be getting this DLC tonight! cant wait!!!!!

The Matrix2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

I'm a multiconsole user and I was thoroughly disappointed of the game. I had much hope for it but after 5 years of development and it let me down.

Here are it's problems:
1. Lack of setting (the forests look awesome but there is NOTHING but forests in the game)
2. Fighting the SAME enemies over and over again
3. Very few weapons
4. Archaic game and combat design

Yes the story was interesting and I think cliff hangers are a good thing in a game but the gameplay is a slap in the face.