Top 20 Revolutionary Games: A Trip Through Time

Game Podunker Lavron415 writes, "20.Pong- Released in 1972, this basic game of virtual 2-D table tennis became an instant hit and opened the door to the entire video game industry. Although not a very revolutionary game for today's standards, it still served as a stepping stone for millions of video game titles to come in the future..."

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seinfan2864d ago

It's a vague umbrella statement. The guy who wrote the article included graphical milestones as well. The list is funky, though.

Akagi2864d ago

Awwwww, look. He's sad. :(

BrianB2864d ago

if they put KZ2 in for graphics WHERE THE HELL IS CRYSIS!!!!!!!!

pedrof932864d ago

Yeah but KZ2 have a decent gameplay; xd

crzyjackbauer2864d ago

"Yeah but KZ2 have a decent gameplay; xd"

Your being sarcastic right?
The first issue with KZ2 is the gameplay
You can hardly play it with awful controls

ChickeyCantor2864d ago

My problem with killzone is that while the developers have established such a great engine...and what do they make? A FPS...its shameful honestly.

dendenmooshi2863d ago

Counter-strike? Half-life? Come on.... THE most revolutionary FPS and FPS multiplayer games. I don't even know how the newer, same FPS games are placed over the older, diverse games.

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TheLastGuardian2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

I don't think it's in order of importance. It's more like a timeline.

pedrof932864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )


I dare you to opose me !

But we also have Pokemon(Revolution on RPG),Gran Turismo(Revolution on Racing),Devil May Cry(Revolution on Beat 'em up).Etc.

KZ2,HALO CE and Gears of War should not be there.

BrianC62342864d ago

I agree, GTA3 should be on that list for sure. When it came out there was nothing like it before and now look at all the games trying to be the next GTA.

-Judge_Fudge2864d ago

id say WOW is the most revolutionary game, it took nerdom to online levels

milknosugar292864d ago

Not a bad selection of games, but probably a bit of a simplistic take on what constitutes revolutionary games. Reads like a high school project.

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The story is too old to be commented.