New Halo Book Coming from Greg Bear

Tor Books has announced the cover image and title for the new Halo novel to be penned by Science Fiction and Fantasy writer, Greg Bear.

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Hokulani2904d ago

I appreciate Everyone's Support for this post and for ;)

awiseman2904d ago

but if you seriousely want to read an epik sci-fi novel then read the fall of reach.

kaveti66162904d ago

I have the first 3. The Fall of Reach was good for a video game novel.

But if you really want to read a sci fi epic read Ender's Game.

Imperator2904d ago

Ah dude, Ender's Game is an awesome read. I highly recommend.

3nd3rth32904d ago

My PSN is Ender_Bean, that's how good the Ender and Bean series are.

X9EcksNine2904d ago

Ah man, The Fall of Reach and Ender's Game are my two favorite books of all time.

Moentjers2903d ago

working my way through Enders's volume 3 now

If you like space opera, I can recommend "The Saga of The Seven Suns" from the hand of Kevin J. Anderson

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Stephanie2904d ago

I've read Halo series books, good reads

jerethdagryphon2904d ago

bears a good author it could be good

earbus2904d ago

Fav sci fi books are the frank herbet series The jesus incident ,The lazzarus effect and The accension factor someone needs to make these epics a movie better than dune imo want to get the halo novels seem abit rare

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