Release of the Week: Medal of Honor (360, PS3, PC)

Medal of Honor has gotten a lot of press lately, but for all the wrong reasons. There was a small outcry when people caught wind that the game would feature the Taliban. AAFES responded by declaring that out of respect for military personnel and their families, they would not be selling the game on military bases. In an attempt to recover from the bad press, EA announced that they were renaming the Taliban in multiplayer to “Opposing Forces.” This wasn’t enough for AAFES, who still won’t carry the reboot of one of the biggest military shooter franchises of all time.

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Davedough2983d ago

I'm in it for the custom beards.

bgrundman2983d ago

I wanted some of those killer shades, myself.

roblef2983d ago

It's good to see games being treated with the same intensity and concern as movies, books, and TV. Is censorship ok, though? Or only when it's our military doing it?

bgrundman2983d ago

The military didn't censor anything. It was EA's decision.

starven2983d ago

For all the hype, the reviews rolling in are only fair. Even if I really want to play this for all the beard awesomness, I think I'll just rent it first.

Crash551182983d ago

Tier 1, the military wing of Pier 1 import stores.