Medal Of Honor Has Nothing On Fugitive Hunter: War On Terror (RunDLC)

By now, you probably heard the news that Electronic Arts (at the last second) removed any mention of the Taliban from its recently released first person shooter, Medal of Honor. This naturally drew the ire of fans who craved the most realistic experience possible. Instead, they'll have to settle with killing members of the Opposing Force.

Of course, if they want to stick it to real world terrorists, a certain FPS by the name of Fugitive Hunter: War on Terror can make it happen.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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Buff10442982d ago

I beat this one many moons ago. Bagged osama.

ExplosionSauce2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

They made Osama as dark as in those fake videos they televised, lol.

CrzyFooL2981d ago

AHaha, where can I find that terrible yet clearly awesome game. I love how u have to fight Osama mortal kombat style rofl.

Calm Down Sunshine2981d ago

Don't forget "America's 10 Most Wanted (PS2)"

Or is it the same game?

CrzyFooL2981d ago

looks like the same game

thedarkvault2981d ago

They didn't remove " any mention of the Taliban". They took it out of the online play, single player revolves 100% around fighting the actual Taliban and they mention them by name many many times.

Eamon2981d ago

That's the irony of things.