Medal of Honor Review - EDGE

MOH is a robust, if seldom surprising, rebuttal to MW2’s dominance, and its measured tone and diligent observation of military patter make it a marginally more meaningful representation of modern warfare itself. It’s an idealised one - going by the book, telling only part of the story. But it’s only because MOH makes a brave move away from the ludicrous extremes of other shooter fantasies that its failure to seize reality entirely becomes so palpable.

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BubbleSystemSuck2865d ago

a was specting a 2 from Edge...
Cant wait to play it. I just need to wait 1 more week

deafwing2865d ago

seems like the game is scoring about the same as castlevania ... hearing the sp campaign is fun as well .. not so many good things about MP though

JonDiskonected2865d ago

I actually heard that it's the other way around, crappy and short campaign with an ok mp

also castlevania got tons of 9s, while medal of honor scores between 6 and 8(maybe 8.5)

pangitkqb2865d ago

That the MP is the best part, although still flawed. Either way, having now participated in both the PS3 and PC betas I am thrilled to be picking this one up today. It might not be the best shooter ever, but it does suit my particular style of play. Good times!

Lifendz2865d ago

looks like anyone planning on getting this should at least rent it first. The IGN review made the game sound buggy as heck. Surprised about that more than anything because the game had 3 years and a beta. You'd think those things would have been fixed.

deafwing2865d ago

.. I'm so fed of playing mp games these days ... I'd like to see a solid sp campaign again so I would be happy with just that

Lifendz2865d ago

I know this isn't the most profound position to take, but I play FPS games mainly for a good MP. If that's bad then there's little chance I'll buy the game for full price. But I tip my hat to you sir for picking the game up for the sp.

BlueTroll2865d ago

at least Edge is being honest.

BABY-JEDI2865d ago

If you take into consideration their reviews of other FPS you would end up wondering if these guys really have an impartial view of FPS & video games in general. They seem to suck up to MS too much while they seem to go to great lengths in criticising Sony. So how can you say they are ever being honest by their standards????

ddurand12865d ago

this is what it deserves.

ndibu2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Either commercially or critically. Personally I hope it bombs commercially as well but in this shooter centric generation thats unlikely. EA better stop backing the last place horse though
That was way too much trolling even for me

ddurand12865d ago

the general public does not know that the PS3 was the lead platorm. and to be honest, i dnt think they care.

SlickShoes2865d ago

you forgot to add "in the USA" everywhere else is not the USA and sales are completely different in other regions.

ddurand12865d ago

while this is true, I dont think the game will sell as well outside of the US.

Esena2865d ago

Why would you hope any video game bombs commercially? There is no benefit from all. At least none for you.

Fanboys need to get brains...

elpresador2865d ago

Hoping for an awesome game. This thing is starting to tank. IGN gave it like a 6 and that site usually falls in line with what I think about games. I have some best buy gift cards so may use them to get since it still LOOKS amazing.

Also, like another said, I just hope the SP is decent as I too am getting tired of MP FPS games as they are all the friggin same for the most part.

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