GC: 7 minutes of Killzone 2 gameplay from GameSpot

Take a look at this extended play through of Killzone 2 for the PlayStation 3 at Leipzig Games Convention 2007.

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xhi44130d ago

that looks so much more crisper than the e3 2007 build. And its still Pre-Pre Alpha stage....imagine final build...omg.

Thoughts on differences will be edited in a few minutes.

Mr VideoGames4130d ago

are you an idiot? im getting really tired of Hearing that PRE-PRE ALPHA! Sh*t, hmm what's Next PRE-PRE-PRE-PRE-PRE ALPHA BETA PRE-OMEGA????????? haha LMFAO i just can't stand it anymore

SonyDefenseForce4130d ago

but if it's want to catch up to the 360 it needs to improve its Console.
1.They need to Bundle a Headset with the PS3 cause i played online with the PS3 and nobody talks.
2.There Online Service "HOME" is really up in the AIR right now for everybody cause i played the Beta and it really sucked in my opinion.
3.WHERE ARE THE GAMES??? what is SONY doing are they stupid we want Games not a FU**IN Home Theater System HELLOOOO!!! this is the VideoGame Industry not the Movie Industry!.

eXplotion4130d ago

hahahah cmon lemmings you can hate this game all you want but inside you all know it kills GeoW and Halo 3... and btw it is pre pre alpha(or was at e3) and it still has like 6 months of development.

KZ2 + GT5 = better looking games... EVER!



You have been in coma the last two months, I presume.

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gamerriffic4130d ago

this game is madddddd
sexxy. i cannot wait.
i better be in the beta.
or they better have the beta come with some game
coz i'll buy that game forsureee ( like i did with crackdown. haha )

Foliage4130d ago

Each time they show just a bit more of this game it gets so much attention for obvious reasons. Just imagine playing through the whole game? It is going to be insane.

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The story is too old to be commented.