G4TV: Medal of Honor Review

All-in-all, MoH might not belong in the highest echelon of military shooters, but it certainly comes close. The short, but punchy, single-player is nicely bolstered by the squad based multiplayer and, though that lacks a bit of the customization and replayability of its counterparts, it’s far better than standard FPS fare. Controversial? Not so much, but MoH definitely tells a compelling story without being just another clichéd war scenario.

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renegade2987d ago

I think is great too but short from awesome.

morganfell2987d ago

I think the Multiplayer will evolve through downloads and updates in a better manner than it's twitch competitor.

jcgamer2987d ago

"Medal Of Honor gets a FOUR......out of five."


electricshadow2987d ago

I totally read that in his voice before I even read your subject line. xD

+bubbs for being funny

dkgshiz2987d ago

I personally believe any military shooter shouldn't even go beyond an 8.5/10. If there is a review that gives any military shooter beyond that you can bet that they are over hyping it. Most games these days are way to over hyped.

mricecreamman2987d ago

wtf 4/5?? all other critics have giving it way way lower than that. i'm confused g4!!

xxchicago33xx2987d ago

So....IGN and some no name site are all the other critics now? Those are the only two negative reviews I've seen

dkgshiz2987d ago

Gametrailers gave it an 8.1. Its gotten mostly positive reviews. IGN is probably the most useless place to see reviews from.

-IronMan-2987d ago

Yup cant spell Ignorance without IGN. Game is great they just need to fix the servers.

A Cupcake for Gabe2987d ago

IGN has ripped into every game out since reach other than reach obviously. If they give COD BO a 9.0+ for no reason other than it's name, they should be banned.

chriski3332987d ago

i played about 4 hours on MP and 2 on SP sofar good game i think it will get better wit updates and dlc

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