GamingEvolution - Final Fantasy XIV Review

Anthony writes, "How much disappointment can one person survive? If Kingdom Hearts 3 turns out badly, I may actually die as a result. To my knowledge, such a thing has not yet been tested."

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MrMccormo2982d ago

Another great review! Let's rush out and purchase (and spend a monthly fee on) Square Enix's newest masterpiece!

FiftyFourPointTwo2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

LOL at the pic. FFXIV with Umbrella Corporation logo. xD

FAGOL2982d ago

square enix needs to remove the title final fantasy from these games. It's obviously somthing else. Square Enix get it together you're letting alot of people down.

Digitaldude2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Lol I don't think anyone expects anything from SE now.

rdgneoz32982d ago

Here's hoping they don't screw up Versus...

NewsForMe2982d ago

What are the FF fanboys going to blame this time? You can't blame the 360 this time.

jc485732982d ago

Microsoft is too smart for this.

visualb2981d ago

but last time...we thats different

Apotheosize2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

This is a blessing in disguise. Maybe this is for the best, maybe this will make SE take a long hard look at what they've become, and try to change. All their major releases get high reviews and are critically acclaimed, they have never needed to improve. And now they have to. FF13 wasnt an amazing game, but it wasnt as much of a failure as 14 is currently. Luckily its an MMO and things can be fixed in the future. Heres hoping they do take all the criticism and try to improve.

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