GamePro: Medal of Honor Review

GamePro: EA’s reboot of its popular war franchise brings the action to a familiar battleground, one where technology and specialization are the order of the day. While it treads the same path forged by Modern Warfare, it offers enough to be a potential challenger to Call of Duty's dominance down the line. It doesn't win the war but it definitely has enough to carry its own in what should be a protracted battle.

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KillerPwned2984d ago

Man their is a lot of reviews for this game on N4G.

BubbleSystemSuck2984d ago

and what for you think is N4G?

-IronMan-2984d ago

Trust the reviews that give it 8s and 4/5. Just like Bad Company 2 scored in the 8s and is way better then MW2.

MW2 was overrated just like BlackOps gonna be.

deadreckoning6662984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

"MW2 was overrated just like BlackOps gonna be."

Because you've obviously played already Black Ops to know that right? facepalm/

Ares84PS32984d ago

Pretty much if you played 1 COD came you played them all.

Hellsvacancy2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Agreed, Ive always compared COD to Ridge Racer, COD is the arcade game of fps genre world like Ridge Racer is the drivin genre, its such an easy game 2 play, hav u seen this? yep, thats right, that mofo threw a knife at a CAR which exploded killin 5 people, such a dumb game

Im holdin out for Operation FlashPoint 3

Highlife2984d ago

Is 8 the magic number??