GamesRadar Medal of Honor Review

GamesRadar writes: "Medal of Honor, like Halo: Reach, really requires two reviews: one for the campaign, and one for the multiplayer. MoH's campaign and multiplayer weren’t even created by the same developers, and don’t run on the same engines. It's two games in one box, so even more so than Reach, its two sides need separate treatment. Of course, it's still one box for one price, so I'll give each half of the game separate attention, and then rate the whole as an amalgamation of both."

You'll love

* The exceptional multiplayer
* The characters, voice acting, and storytelling
* That when it works, it's thrilling

You'll hate

* The campaign's premature ending
* Dull, repetitive combat
* Knowing how much more it could have done

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darkcharizard2987d ago

Atleast GR is more forgiving than IGN...

deafwing2987d ago

... not .. what .. it seems .. capn :)

Vip3r2987d ago

This is probably why they delayed the reviews. EA knew it wouldn't be as good as what they made it to be.

SlickShoes2987d ago

yeah 8/10 is fucking abysmal.........

thor2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Yeah it's amazing this attitude towards reviews. There are plenty of games I've LOVED that have had worse reviews than that...

Fat Princess is sitting on a meta of 79
FlOw has a meta of 71
PixelJunk Racers has a meta of 62

divideby02987d ago

after playing the beta, this is the score I thought the game would be 8 or lower

captain-obvious2987d ago

same with me
im skipping this game

Cyrus3652987d ago

Looks decent 8 of 10, seems like it could have been great if they spent a bit more time.