New Villain Confirmed in Batman: Arkham City Screenshot.

After analyzing each new Batman: Arkham City screenshot pixel by pixel we have managed to find a not so obvious pointer to a new villain included in the game.

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darklordzor2984d ago

I think it's possible, since it takes place over all of Gotham, that he would have some hand in the mayhem that's taking place, but I wouldn't say that that picture really tells us anything. It could also just be a fun little easter egg for fans of the comics to find. Something that fleshes out the world.

Corrwin2983d ago

But Asylum had references to villains that weren't actually in the game - could be like the a Riddler puzzle, or the equivalent in this game.

God I loved those Riddler puzzles.

AwakenTheTaco2983d ago

i spent hours trying to find all of them and i would love to see something like that again. i have to say Arkham was one of the best games out nowadays.

antz11042983d ago

Eh, possible, in a couple different iterations he was the crime boss that disfigured Two-Face. Likely not a major player in the game though.