GC: Dead Island preview and new images

It has to be a good start when a developer starts his explanation of a zombie game with the words "We're going to have trouble getting this released in Germany." Zombies are a videogame treasure not to be wasted on watered down and half-hearted efforts, and with the capabilities of games this generation, there's more potential to exploit their creepy nastiness and intense splatterability (It's a word. Shut up) than ever.

Dead Island uses an improvised weapon system, whereby all kinds of day to day items and pieces of wreckage can be grabbed and used for impromptu defense and attack in a sticky situation. It's a set up which sounds similar to Dead Rising, but two factors make the game stand out. The first is the first-person perspective, and the second is the damage modeling. Sensibly realizing that zombies have to splatter properly, Techland have built up the models using three breakable layers, going from skin, to muscle, to bone.

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SuicidalTendencies4132d ago

This game is starting to look freaking awesome. I'm a huge zombie game fan and the hype meter(for me)for this game is starting to rise. Let's hope they don't mess it up.

tony4132d ago

i don't know about this one. i was expecting better.

BloodySinner4131d ago

Looks pretty lame so far. The zombies in this game have got nothing on the ones in Resident Evil 5.

sticky doja4131d ago

this game looks cool, it seems to be turning out better than I expected.