IGN Presents The History of Metroid

After nine games, thirteen million sales and endless waves of enemies sent to monster heaven, this much we know about Samus Aran: she's used to being alone.

Maybe that's why nobody's heard Samus speak a single word in over two decades of free-form pirate extermination. Her text dialogue rarely gives much away, either. Even her gender was kept secret throughout the first game, backed by an instruction booklet that told his backstory. Years later, we'd learn she's an orphan twice over, parents killed by a vicious pirate dragon named Ridley, and then raised by the Chozo, a now-extinct alien race. It was the Chozo who equipped Samus with physics-defying combat armor, making her the Galactic Federation's go-to girl for suicide missions in the dark, lonely corners of the universe. Samus was more than willing to oblige. It gave her prime opportunities to exact missile-heavy vengeance on the pirates who murdered her family.

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