Resolution: Quantum Theory review

Resolution's Greg Giddens writes: Quantum Theory struggles to rise above mediocre. A couple of good ideas show slight promise but bland implementation and uninspired design and presentation lets the whole package down, resulting in a competent third person shooter but one that feels soulless and dull.

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FiftyFourPointTwo2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

GOTY together with FFXIV. :D

Def Warrant2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )


1+ bubble

Quagmire2810d ago

APB, Quantum Theory and FFXIV are my favourite games this year!

big_silky2810d ago

Seems like it'll be the perfect $30 game in a month or 2, I won't pay more than that for it.

CantHaveOpinionsHere2810d ago

me personally, I'd just pick up gears2 and skip quantum theory till gears3 or ghost recon:fs comes out

jneul2810d ago

are you trying to say uncharted 2 is bad as quantum theory, please go away, the controls on qt are beyond horrible, qt is a gears clone with no soul and rubbish gameplay!!

CantHaveOpinionsHere2810d ago

I said quantum theory isn't bad and I'd place it up there with uc2 so what were you reading? You're weird. Please control your anger over video games

Paradise Lost2810d ago

Glad this wasn't an exclusive.

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