Why EDGE UK gave Heavenly Sword 6/10

EDGE representative gives gamers the full details as to why Heavenly Sword scored 6/10 from them. According to reviewer, "Heavenly Sword is a game that has had to carry the burden of becoming a standard-bearer for Playstation 3, and as its host platform's topsy-turvy ride has continued, its important has increased.

It's not good enough to simply be a good game and a flagship title: with the likes of Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet and MGS4 some time away, it has to be proof of the console's capabilities and, above all else, a system seller....

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fenderputty4078d ago

They just admitted that they graded this game harder then a normal PS3 game. Ludicrous. I'm glad it got a good review from gamespot. The game played fun in the demo and, is gorgeous on top of it. I've got mine pre-ordered.

ParaDise_LosT4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

a real tough crowd....that all there is to it..
some of the only game they praise is
Half Life 2
but still...a 6?.. thats absurd....
the graphics deserve a 6 on its own....
but then again look at whan Im
que sera sera?...

larry0074077d ago

6 on EDGE is like an 8/9 on major websites

Heavenly sword has got 10 from PLAY

9 from GAMEPRO



9 from OPM

9 from PSM3

so i see no reason why people should be distracted by some reviews

Bathyj4077d ago

PS3 is being judged by to high a standard. Because it has all this (as yet untapped) power the bar of expectation is way to high. Its not fair to review a game holding it accountable for PS3's potential.

The game looks, the game sounds good, the game plays good ei the game is good.

Day 1 purchase for me.

WilliamRLBaker4077d ago

Yeah ok bathy its not ok to judge a game on its systems potential? BS!
yeah thats right BS!

When sony sits and promises before launch a super computer, then they promise 120 fps on all games *and yes this is what they promised* when they make out that all games will be 1080p, dual hdmi...ect

When they talk about this massive 4d, potential and this is what you get? then yes its perfectly right to judge all games on that system if they dont match up to promises.

Microsoft, and Ninty didn't promise the crap sony did at launch, and they met expectations.

Ninty promised a cheap fun game system and they delivered, Microsoft promised a fun online game system, and they delievered.

Sony promised a 4d, 120fps 1080p dual hdmi ported ethernet hub, super computer, and has yet to ever deliver, And they've done it in the past, They promised super computer like abbilities real life like human faces with the ps2, said it was 30X more powerful then the dreamcast, and never delivered.

When a company promises the world, and delivers a city...then its perfectly acceptable to judge games upon those undelivered promises.

Bathyj4077d ago

Promised 120 fps my arse.
They never promised ALL games at 1080p.

Its like talking to a brick wall with you.

As for the other stuff I'm not going over it point by point, I might as well be talking to a goldfish.

Yeah at one point they wanted 2 HDMI's. I guess they tried to cut costs and decided 2 wasnt neccessary. If it was in you'd be blaming that for having to pay for something you didn't need like BluRay which actually has benefits.

And since when did you believe a word Sony says anyway? Stop acting like you trusted them so much and you're so hurt by their lies. Everyone lies. Its called advertising. Buy some tissues princess and grow the fuk up.

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ktchong4078d ago

Why Edge UK gave BioShock 8/10.

larry0074077d ago

It has no MP/online

the graphics too are not good as well

BIOSHOCK is massively overrrated

Bathyj4077d ago

Screw multiplayer. Not every game has to be online. Dont we have enough shooters to deathmatch on.

s8anicslayer4078d ago

didn't they give lair like a 8.0 or something high like that?

TheExecutive4078d ago

It sounds like he reviewed the game on what it is supposed to be for the PS3, not for the game itself, at least thats the way the first part sounds...

He, however, did bring up the fact that he didnt like the distance attacks and thought they were repetitive. It really only adds up to about 30 min to an hr in the game (thats the way I read it). It may be a welcome break in the action. An

ngg123454078d ago

I wouldn't cry over their reviews. They hand out 6's, and 7's, and 8's to almost every game. They never give 9's or 10's.

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