Star Wars: TFU2 demo now live!

Jeff Barker of writes "The Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 demo we told you about last week has just landed on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

The demo itself follows the cloned Starkiller as infiltrates the cloning facility on Kamino, and offers you the chance to try out some of the new Force powers and dual lightsaber action."

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8-bit2717d ago

lol at the abbreviation "FU2"

Noobasaurus_REX2717d ago

you could make Starwars:The force unleashed 2 -STFU2 lol

dirthurts2717d ago

if Pc is getting a demo?

Fishy Fingers2717d ago

No PC demo scheduled. So nope.

niceguywii602717d ago

One of my top games of the year.

joydestroy2717d ago

awesome! def gonna check it out

ramiuk12717d ago

loved it, the way the saber looks when it swings is awesome
cant wait for thsi game.

made me wanna get the old one

etownone2717d ago

At least rent the old one first.

Great star wars game! Top notch production value and very good story and cut-scenes.

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The story is too old to be commented.