Stranglehold Xbox 360 and PC versions delayed to September 5

First Stranglehold's PS3 version was delayed 3 weeks until September 17 and now the Xbox 360 and PC versions have been delayed as well until September 5th, 2007. Little over a week isn't too bad of a wait with the Stranglehold demos out.

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CNIVEK4127d ago

It's gotten mediocre reviews thus far, and the demo was pretty lame. This game had a cool concept, but poor execution; could've used another 6 months dev time.

ud4127d ago

are you serious? I thought it was one hell of a demo. There is unrivaled action and it's surprisingly fun to watch if the guy playing is good. This game takes me back to the Good ol Action Half-Life times.

Rhezin4126d ago

F!CK! now there is nothing to play next week! NOTHING!