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Entering the first person shooter genre nowadays is a very difficult task what with the likes of powerhouses such as Call of Duty, Halo and Battlefield. EA however have taken this risk with developing Medal of Honor, but does it pay off? In many respects yes it does, but in others it maybe not.

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Jaces2983d ago

Looks like a rent for me. I was never into the Battlefield games so I doubt I'd spend a lot of time online, though 1942 was when it was at it's best and that was the only one I ever played...a lot. ;P

Every BF game after that I didn't care for. Might end up buying CoD it looks like, can't get enough of zombies. :D

That's my 2 cents.

Redrum0592983d ago

so now i can atleast feel more calm about picking this game up tonight at 12am. i was realy getting worried seing how there werent reviews showing up.

DORMIN2983d ago

hmm...i wonder if I should get this

ATi_Elite2983d ago

Been bombarded by MOH commercials during Monday Night Football. Waiting for the Black Ops commercial because MOH looks just average.

The multi-player is a generic BFBC2 with bad graphics and no vehicles. While the single player looks to be two steps better than America's Army 3.

Save your cash for Black Ops, Reach, KZ3

AKS2983d ago

I just don't understand the Black Ops megahype. When has Treyarch EVER made an AAA game. They are a decent team, but you'd think a dream team of all the best developers in history had assembled just for Black Ops the way so many talk it up. As far as I know, no such thing has happened, and I'm expecting a very decent but less than spectacular showing from Treyarch.

avengers19782982d ago

IT's alot of fun on multiplayer.
I haven't gotten into campaign yet, but I'm looking forward to it.
It's not perfect but it is fun that's what counts for me. 8 out of 10 isn't bad at all.

Shackdaddy8362983d ago

Good review.

Already cant wait till the sequel :)

frankymv2983d ago

nice. See you all tomorrow!

BulletToothtony2983d ago

be on tonight at 12:15am :)

Redrum0592983d ago

same here fellas, same here

12:19am it is

frankymv2983d ago

wish I could join you guys but I have a busy day tomorrow. Won't be on till tomorrow night.

You guys enjoy!!!

BulletToothtony2982d ago

not fanboy at all here but MoH absolutely sucks.. i'm level 7 and the maps are absolute horseshit!! i know that if i would've read this i wouldn't had believed whoever wrote it but damn..

12 campers and no way to advance nor flank because there will be a camper on each way.. the only thing left to do is well camp as well... or snipe.. i don't like neither.. save your money.. TRUST ME, this game is a rental.. i'm a freaking idiot for buying it.. i'm so mad at myself..

spawn run and get sniped, re-spawn run and get sniped from who knows who because the maps are big and you can't see shit..

what a freaking let down..

lucifon2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I've never had that issue BulletTooth. What I recommend is to try sticking with it abit. I know back at the start of beta it was just frustrating dieing so easy and whatnot. But once you get a feel for the game you'll start racking up the kills and the difference is astounding. Constantly making a push up the map is a really rewarding experience. Make sure to place offensive killchains smartly so that the whole team can advance too. Playing with friends certainly helps too

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BubbleSystemSuck2983d ago

im from Paraguay, so next week i get my copy.

Does anybody know if the Frontlines is a download from PSN game or is on Disc?

the-show-stopper2983d ago

thats a real good question
im sure if u googled it you might find an answer

unknown1002983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

You speak english and your from Paraguay!! you must be the president's son or some rich guy in the country! Last time I checked South Americans were all living in poverty :)

Deutschland >>>>>>> Paraguay

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