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Gamesradar "The industry is full of stories of publishers killing a promising new property so they can milk a proven franchise for more games. But it’s an argument that completely ignores the ability of some sequels to completely shake things up and change the “safe” formula a franchise had previously established. Some of these did well enough to set the template their series would follow in the future; others failed to catch on and faded to black-sheep status. Boom or bust, here are seven of the most drastic examples we could think of:"

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versusALL2983d ago

This is actually a really good list to me. I agree with everything on it. I especially like how they talked about how the jak series went for the more darker tone, I kinda of wish some of other games would do that just to see how it would be.

TheLastGuardian2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Gamesradar is a great website. Mikel Reparez is my favorite games journalist.

Jamie Foxx2982d ago

Mario 64 changed how we play games

gta 3 spawned a new open world genre

uncharted2 made playing a game like being in an actual movie

TheLastGuardian2982d ago

Well maybe if you would actually read the article you would enjoy it more. If he talked about those games the list would've been cliche' and we would be reading things we already know.

MaxOpower2982d ago

@Jamie Foxx

Agree, some pretty impotent games were missing.
First thing I thought when reading the tittle was: GTAIII

Quagmire2982d ago

Assassin's Creed should be on that list. Fixed the flaws from the first game, and made everything that was good even better.

PS360fanboy2982d ago

The list is not about improving, it's about completely changing the basis of the first game!

Acquiescence2982d ago

once they started letting Failing James Sterling write for them. His stench is all over the site as a result and it ain't a pleasant one to inhale.

TheLastGuardian2982d ago

I don't like him either but he barely writes for them. IMO Gamesradar is worth visiting everyday to see all the well written and funny articles posted. They have great writers, weekly features, the latest gaming news and the best podcast on the net.

ReservoirDog3162982d ago

Slightly off topic but I replayed Jak and Daxter (1) not too long ago and it surprisingly aged very well for such an old PS2 game.

Also the draw distance is still pretty amazing. You can almost make out a giant balloon in the far distance in the very beginning level and when you later destroy it and go back to the beginning, it's gone. Pretty sick. Shocked me but ND are just that good huh?

On topic, good list.

Tex1172982d ago

I love Simon's Quest.

That was an idea that needed to be expanded on. Even more than what they did in SotN.

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