Medal of Honor Review by Videogameszone, exclusive Screenshots

Videogameszone reviewed Medal of Honor for PS3, Xbox 360.

- great sound
- brilliant atmosphere

- difficulty sometimes really hard
- short campaign

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Shackdaddy8362990d ago

Google did a really bad job translating that article.... But good review.

sdtarm2990d ago

"short campaign" dammit

Shackdaddy8362990d ago

Short campaign doesn't bother me as long as its really good.

And I heard it was really good.....

ReservoirDog3162990d ago

Also there's the remake of Frontline to add more worth. Either way, amazon says it's on its way here. Won't know till tomorrow.

pansenbaer2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

I canceled my pre-order yesterday due to the lack of information on this game. I wasn't ready to spend 60 bucks on it. These reviews are promising, however. Might have to re-evaluate.


I meant hands-on info. With the embargo, it was just sketchy...

Thepro3182990d ago

there tons of information on this game u try ea forums

BulletToothtony2990d ago

i thought about it too, but then i remembered that the beta was actually good.. since i have never played BFBC i came with no expectations and i really enjoyed the gameplay so i'll buy it.. and worse case scenario i'll sell it for around $45 so it should be aite.. but i have a feeling i'm gonna keep this one

Liquid_Ocelot2990d ago

"difficulty sometimes really hard" what-the-f*ck!?
This is one of the things I hate the most [mostly this 'gen'], people 'crying' about difficulties and stuff like that. Like seriously, I remember when there was no checkpoints no nothing just a crappy little heart at the corner of the screen and even less at the time.. Shit, I remeber playing PS1 games without a memory card.

There should be complaints about games being "too easy" instead. /imo

Ps: excuse my english

darkequitus2990d ago

After playing CoD:WaW on veteran unable to get to the next checkpoint for ours, I will never complain about difficulty again.

murcielago42990d ago

i love to play games on the hardest difficult. yeah it makes me bitch a lot cause it gets to hard but i love the challenge it give you lol. can't wait to play it.

rbluetank2990d ago

this is why i love Demon Soul! i can not wait for Demon Soul 2. i am going to get the MOH game tuesday... i hope the game is as good as it looks from the earlier video....

AKS2990d ago

Same here, but there are always people whining about Demon's Souls saying it needs difficulty levels. There are plenty of ridiculously easy games out there; let us have the few that actually offer a challenge.

visualb2989d ago

I one that starts games in HARD most of the time, its more fun! (sometimes it doesnt work though)

using that as a con shows the reviewer SUCKS AT PLAYING VIDEOGAMES.

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scar202990d ago

I actually got my game today and i gotta say its awesome and its very challenging.

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