GameSpot: Fallout: New Vegas Preview - New Perks

Fallout: New Vegas will be a new standalone game powered by the Fallout 3 engine and developed by California-based Obsidian Entertainment--a studio that's home to several of the developers of the original Fallout and Fallout 2. But New Vegas will, as the name suggests, take the adventure to Sin City, where the glitzy neon signs light up even the postapocalyptic wasteland.

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Lucreto2834d ago

Long Haul and Jury Rigging will come in handy in Hardcore mode.

R_aVe_N2833d ago

I agree Hardcore mode is what I will be playing this on. Fallout 3 was just way to easy.

TheColbertinator2833d ago

Pack Rat will accompany Long Haul very well.The greatest scavenger New Vegas has ever seen

Zinc2833d ago

Waiting for this game is like waiting for Christmas.

Hazmat132833d ago

deathclaws omfg i hate them so fucking much!

cranium2833d ago

They are easy with the right strategy, just like anything else. I found a way to reliably kill them in one headshot with my plasma rifle. It has to be a sneak attack though...