Microsoft Ditching In-Game Ad Division

In-game advertisements will forever be known as the most hated profit venture in gaming history. They’re annoying, and are typically placed out of context, as visible in this article’s image. Microsoft is going to be shutting down their internal in-game ad company, Massive Inc., later this month, and the reason is pretty surprising, considering how profitable the business is at face value.

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lodossrage2926d ago

but I'm too lazy to dig up the article.

Troll_Police2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Yet they will keep the dashboard full of ads while collecting money from those ads and STILL charging their customers for online play and other FREE features at the same time.

"What happened is that Microsoft found out that running advertisements on Xbox Live is far more lucrative since the majority of their user base will see those ads, rather than having to purchase and play specific games. On top of that, Microsoft doesn’t have to share Xbox Live advertising profits with game publishers, which probably hinted to them that in-game ads just weren’t worth the negotiation headaches."

That says it all.

Lazy_Gamer2926d ago

In other news, MS opened a new KINect division.

FantasyStar2926d ago

They closed down one ad division in favor of another one. Unamused.

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The story is too old to be commented.