NYCC: Deadpool Pays An Epic Tribute To Michael Jackson

ISM: Deadpool certainly appreciates the late King of Pop, and all his musical glory. While at Comic Con, he decided to test his moves with Ubisoft's Michael Jackson The Experience.

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TeenGoten2986d ago

I will moonwalk over everyone in MvsC3 O_o

Jestrella242986d ago

One of the funniest things i seen there definatly this game was made for him

Lifendz2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Was at comic con and the game is effing gorgeous. Did not want to buy it day one but now I have to. Dante is crazy fun to play and his moves are intuitive. I'm not a MVC guy so I didn't know how to switch out (thought it was both light move buttons at once but I guess not). Anyway, I played it at the IGN booth about 3 times and it looked awesome and is fun as heck.

On another note, I watched someone play Kinect (Poison was blaring while I played MVC) and I had to see it. Unfortunately, the guy playing while I waited on line said they were picking the game you got to play and that rafting game looked lame as heck. Decided to buy some comics rather than wait in line and take the chance of playing something lame.

Crazybone1262986d ago

What makes it greater is they're dancing to Working Day and Night.

CrzyFooL2986d ago

Hee Hee!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. They should put DeadPool IN the game. Come to think of it... Deadpool should be in every game!!

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