Warner Stays Hi-Def Neutral: Denies Rumors of Shift in Strategy

Warner has denied rumors that the studio will follow in Paramount's footsteps and drop its dual-support for both Blu-ray and HD DVD. The rumors began after fellow dual-format supporter Paramount announced it would exclusively support HD DVD, and intensified when Warner VP Steve Nickerson -- the studio's "hi-def guru" and proponent for dual-format support -- announced that he would leave Warner. Warner has announced that Dorinda Marticorena, current VP of Kids and Sport Marketing, will replace Nickerson and contine his efforts to promote the mainstream adoption of both high-def formats.

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Bloodmask4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

a matter of time before they do HDDVD exclusive. I predict Toshiba will pay them which would be the smart thing to do.

I think with Michael Bays's cheap $200 dollar player comment on his website that HDDVD has a lot of suprises up their sleeves. Disney is sure to go format neutral soon also with Apple making up a big part of their company.

One thing is for sure after this Christmas HDDVD will start to really take off with Toshiba integrating HDDVD drives into all of their laptops which sell 9 million annually. And $200 HDDVD players rumored to be dropping as well.

Anything but Cute4077d ago

I thought you were one of the smart netural ones, who doesn't let your fanboysim show.

mikeslemonade4077d ago

Toshiba doesn't pay for movie studios. MS pays toshiba to make cheap HD-DVD players. Get your facts straight.

sanderFVCKINcohen4077d ago

so mikeslemonade, its not facts without details, soo, give us the details before you start bushshiting...

bluegoblin4077d ago

I think that if warner is going somewhere then is going bluray

Anything but Cute4077d ago

Yesteday when this rumor came out, I didn't even click on it. Lets wait for confirmations instead.

power of Green 4077d ago

People thought because the guy was stepping down it meant this company was going to even the market out by going Blu-ray all the way. Some thought it was a HD-DVD move and some thought it was a Blu-ray move.

Bloodmask4077d ago

I am format neutral but I just don't see Toshiba laying down and dying. They were after all on the market first.

I admit that they are the underdog but they are still here even after the PS3 and the added support that Bluray has.

There are potential billions to be made here and i don't see Sony or Toshiba giving up without a truly tooth and nail fight.

I know PS3 has really jump started Bluray but I also read that more consumers are buying standalone HDDVD players. I think after Christmas we will see where things are heading. But I do think this will be a huge Christmas for HDDVD.

ktchong4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

HD-DVD can't win this war unless Warner joins HD-DVD.

If Warner joins Blu-ray, that'll be the end of the format war: HD-DVD will lose.

This war will drag on for another 18 months -- but that's really hurting PS3 the most. The sooner Sony can completely kill off HD-DVD, the better chance PS3 has at winning the console war as well. In fact, Sony really needed to win the HD format war by this year's end, and now that's not happening.

Rageanitus4077d ago

Ive seen most of your posts concerning hd-dvd and blu-ray. You are NOT neutral.

Your posts are one sided and focus on negatives of blu-ray or maybe just sony.

I can admit I am pro blu-ray because at a technical standboy I prefer superior tech. Plus sony gave me the reason to acquire the machine at a good price (All in one entertainment unit) I am a pc gamer, and always will be, but my opinions are based on my love for my pc beinig a media center connected to a projector.

your views revolve around your xbox, and I have yet to see a positive post from you about sony and their support for blu-ray (without sarcasm)

Oh and I do have my share of bad things to say about the xbox, but they revolve around my tolerance to faulty hardware.
you on the other hand base your argument on the fact that sony is in direct competion with the xbox. Which builds up you hatred towards the company based and hence building your fanboyism.

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