Prostitutes of Fable 3 which couldn’t make it into the game

Gamersmint : Oh boy, one look at the images and we know why they got scrapped.

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rroded2983d ago

they dint put milo in the line up XD

2983d ago
RIP_Weazel2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Cool! More characters for Kinectimals: Molyneux's Directors cut.
(The collectors edition features a genuine herpes scab greasily stuck to a luxury embossed digi-sleeve! Day 1!!)

TengkuAmir102983d ago

Milo is fake. Everyone knows that.

ShinMaster2983d ago

Geez, some people can't take a joke. Yes, we know Milo was fake!

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Monkey5212983d ago

why are they mostly men...........?

frostypants2983d ago

Same thought crossed my mind...and the female prostitutes lack much detail...sure looks like they spent a whole lotta time on those men...

seinfan2983d ago

They probably rejected all the male ones and left only females in the game.

n to the b2983d ago

I've recently been replaying fable2 and there's definitely a manwhore in bloodstone. so I'll be extremely disappointed if fable3 gets dialed back.

I want to see all of those pictured in my fable3!

cyborg2983d ago

a population, if THESE guys roamed the streets, even our HERO would have fled =))

jack who2983d ago

i see sum of you havent played a Fable game...anyways as for me ill be awaiting those prostitutes in a dlc soon to come.

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The story is too old to be commented.